About P-O Carlson Konsult AB

With a Master Degree in Electrical Engineering, P-O Carlson began already in the 80s to implement encryption and other security features into the data communication and data storage solutions Carlson himself developed and brought to the market. Increasingly P-O Carlson focused on IT security including various aspects of information security.

Since 1997 P-O has been working as a product independent Information Security Consultant, and in the year 2004 the company P-O Carlson Konsult was founded. As an Information Security Consultant, P-O Carlson has succesfully accomplished a large number of assignments for various customers within the private sector, banking, finance and insurance industry, and within the county councils and the government sector.

P-O has earned the titles CISA, Certified Information Systems Auditor, and CRISC, Certified in Risk and Information Systems
Control. More information on these significant certifications is available at the ISACA web site. In addition, through his membership in ADBJ, P-O Carlson is well positioned to closely follow developments regarding practical aspects of legal issues related to information security.

Said about P-O Carlson:
"P-O is great on finding the right ambition and strategy for disaster recovery solutions. When we worked with risk management and processes he always knew what our needs were. I give my best recommendations for P-O." (John Hansson, IT-koordinator, G4S)

"When a colleague of mine asked me if I could recommend somebody for a security related work, I didn’t hesitate to recommend P-O Carlson. My professional relation with P-O goes back many years. We have had different roles in various projects over the years. P-O has always proven to be a person that is trustworthy and delivers all results that he undertakes to do. The quality of his work is of very high standard. Therefore I can recommend P-O for the best." (David Böling, IT-Architect Security, Handelsbanken AB)

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