Your information is valuable. Is it secure?
Information is a valuable asset in all kinds of operations. Properly managed it is a critical success factor. Improperly used or forged information might on the other hand harm your organisation. If information for whatever reason isn't available to those who need it in their daily work, it will lead to significant unwanted costs. Information that has gone astray after a theft or copying might pose a serious threat to the organisation's ability to survive.

P-O Carlson Konsult can help you to ensure that your information continues to be one of your most valuable assets. The risks involved in improper information security can have devastating consequences. Based on the specific challenges your organisation faces, P-O Carlson offers consultancy services that help eliminate unnecessary risk taking.
Sample work – more under Services
  • Developed management system for Swedish authority
  • Continuity and recovery plan for listed IT company
  • Risk analysis and security review for healthcare organisation
  • Investigations for major bank
  • Policy and strategies for insurance company
  • Incident analysis for nationwide healthcare organisation
  • Security governance for food manufacturer
Recommendations – more under About
"P-O is great on finding the right ambition and strategy for disaster recovery solutions. When we worked with risk management and processes he always knew what our needs were."
"P-O has always proven to be a person that is trustworthy and delivers all results that he undertakes to do. The quality of his work is of very high standard."
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