P-O Carlson Konsult provides information security consultancy services aiming to enhance the performance of any organisation. Every organisation is unique, which is why all services are adapted to address the specific needs and demands in each and every case.

Don't hesitate to get in touch to find out what P-O Carlson Konsult can do to aid your organisation in creating a secure information environment. Via the menu to the left you can find examples of previous assignments along with more general descriptions of the services provided.

P-O Carlson often acts as project manager for various assignments within IT security of information security, such as the implementation of security enhancing measures or routines. P-O Carlson also has a vast experience from acting as a reference or discussion partner in all sorts of security related issues.

With great knowledge of the subject and a significant professional network, P-O Carlson is well positioned to deliver the services that can aid your organisation in performing even better thanks to appropriate and well functioning information security.